Tashi Renre here, being a small settlement the guild leader is in charge of all aspects of the settlement, in large settlements, cities or as you get close to the Kingdoms, there will be individual characters handling many aspects of their area.

I'm going to break down how the pub works.

  • After completing a successful quest or battle you may earn crystals
  • Once you have Crystals you may make a single thread for your needs, once that thread is made you'll use this code for trading


Trading Thread

Crystal Amount:
Trading # Crystal = Macca

Rules are simple every time you want to trade you make a single post inside the thread you made unique to your character for trading, once you fill out and post that code, within 24-48 hrs you'll receive a reply in the thread from Asmodeus giving you the trade you require, you must wait for Asmodeus verification reply before posting another request.

*Be notes trading rates vary each time, depending on levels, crystals, day*
*You may be able to trade 1 crystal for 50 macca, another time 1 crystal for 300 macca, depending on the crystal, Asmodeus and time you may get a larger trade value*

Rumors & Info are displayed randomly in this section, you can also purchase a rumor or info thread in the RP shop for a set price you can gain some very valuable information or rumors of secret quests/classes, who knows what the rumors will show. *Will make Demo Thread*

PVP- Make a single thread for combat between one character and another, if they accept in the thread via the terms set, reward, then the fight begins. *Will make Demo Thread*